Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to root HTC First.

**Do at your own risk. I am not responsible if your phone blows up, if you start a thermonuclear war, or if you get fired from work because your alarm clock on your phone didn't go off**

Part 1. Unclock Boot Loader
1. Back up all apps as .apk files and transfer them to your PC, this will factory reset your device. Make sure all HTC Drivers are installed on your computer. Make an account on the website. Make sure USB Debugging is on (dev options on your phone)
2. Power off your phone. Hold Power Button and Volume Down Button for around 20 seconds. You will see a white screen with colored letters. (if you see the 3 buttons at the bottom blinking, release the buttons imdiatly and try again)
3. Hit the volume down button till you highlight "fast boot". Press the power button to select. Plug in your phone to your computer.
4. Go to (if you havent registered yet, do so now, please use a VALID email, this is important).
5. In the right panel, select "other devices". Check the i agree button and continue.

6. It will tell you how to boot into HBoot and Fastboot, which you have already done.
7. Download the required files. Make a folder in the C drive of your pc called "Android" or something like that. Put that .zip file in there and un zip it.
8. Open command prompt. Type in "cd C:\Android" hit enter

9. Type in "fastboot oem get_identifier_token"
10. Right Click on the black area of command prompt, select "mark". Click in the corner and select as shown in the picture.
11. Press Ctrl + C and then paste that code into the text box provided on the HTC Dev Webstie.
12. Check your email, it has a file attachment that you should save in the same "android" folder. The file should be called unlock code.
13. In command Prompt, type in "fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin" and hit enter. on your phone, a screen should appear asking if you are sure you want to unlock the boot loader. Select yes (it is not touch sensitive so you must use volume up button to highlight yes and power to select).

There you go. Boot loader unlocked.

Part 2. Recovery
1. From this website download the TWRP recovery (or if you want, go back in the forum and pick CWM recovery) and download superuser app of SuperSU. MAKE SURE USB Debugging is on (dev options on your phone).
2. Save it in a seperate folder on your c drive. transfer the super user app to your phone. Rename the reocvery into "recovery" DOT (.) what ever its supposed to be. (i think .img).
3. reboot into fastboot again like you did in part 1.
4. plug in your phone to the computer.
5. Open Command Prompt type in "cd C:\ what ever folder name it is"
6. type "flash recovery recovery.img" and wait, it should be done quite quickly. You can now turn your phone back on, and reboot into recovery the same way you did into fastboot. from there flash the super user app. The recovery is touch capable.


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