Friday, August 16, 2013

58,000 views on argue for android

Thanks guys, check that out! 58 thousand views and i have been running this blog for a little bit more than a year now. so this is really great. I wish there were more comments but oh well.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

No nexus 4, no official 4.3, stupid nexus 7 3rd gen

The thing is everyone is waiting for the NEXUS 4 and for the official 4.3 update.

Well....its not gona happen.
The nexus 4 will simply be upgraded, and will still be the nexus 4, just with better hardware...or worse.
By worse i mean the new nexus 7 3rd generation. Off the top of my head i can tell that it has no
1. rear / main camera
2. no graphics card
3. slower proccesor
4. less ram
5. no 3g capability

This is stupid, why downgrade the best tablet in the world. The thing is, the nexus 7 2 gen is worth more than the 3 gen by almost 150 dollars. But the nexus 7 comes with android 4.3.

There will be no official releast of android 4.3, its been out and no comotion because literaly nothing much has changed, android has reached its peak, just like i os 6.

This was bound to happen, a perfect design would be found and they would stick to it. There are a good number of phones running android 4.3 officially and not. This was created by the massive leak of the system dump.

well, that is up this quarter.