Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iPhone Android Windows - who is who

I was sitting down looking around at the latest smartphone news and really i found a great way to compare the various smartphones in the world.
I will be comparing them to teenagers in a school
The school, is the world, and a student in the school, is a smartphone.

Now, the iPhone. These are the popular crowd at school, and some kids will be willing to give up some of their freedoms and rights, just to be here. The iphone, gave up inovation, simply to be at the top, they completely forgot about the latest hardware and software features out there, this is causing them to lag behind, a little. They simply fulfill the minimum amount of homework, and minimum grades to have more time to hang out, gossip, and socialize. The iPhone, has very low end hardware, looks, style, and features, as far as android and windows go. They are still on dual core, which, they dont "NEED" more, they are "OKAY" with that, the screen is 4 inches, yet not proportional, and so on. There is no innovation.

Android, can be compared to the majority of the school, they come in various shapes, sizes, IQ's and abilities. Just like android. This makes the majority of the school/world, more innovative, and more diverse, making it easier to fit in to the crowd, because everyone is excepted.

Windows is way different, these are you might say, those boys and girls who try to have 100% in everything, putting friends and family behind. Windows is desperately trying to get to the top, using precision, and performance, rather than diversity and innovation. And since they are in a minority, it is harder.

This was simply a brain storm. nothing personal.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The smart phone world today - july 7, 2013

Now the smart phone world is packed. It cannot fit a single other smart phone for operating system. Although microsoft has managed to get itself a nice piece of the pie, that is not for long.

Microsoft is going to release windows 8.1, since about 90% of the world does not like the new windows 8 for desktop. It is a great mobile software but not great for a desktop or laptop computer. But about 40% of that 90%, dont like Microsoft period. Alot of people are switching over to linux, (ubuntu, linux mint, debian, red hat, etc.). It is easy to set up, its free, and in some cases better. Therefore android would be their choice.

Now, iOS 7 has been released, sort of. There have been reports of its existence. Just about every feature and UI change has been 1. copied from android or 2. inspired by android. There is no but's about it. That is just a fact that i have already proved in a previous post. Apple is running out of options, and if android wasn't open source, apple would be sued to death. Apple is already losing fans around the globe. Why, they have had record sales with every device. Well, yes that is sales, but do people like it, NO. They are bored as heck, its all the same, there is nothing that would make them want a new iphone other than HOPE, that there might be another innovation.

Now, android might take longer to explain.

First of, HTC. HTC is not falling, its diving into the abyss. If it doesn't increase its sales, (even if they have to force their own employes to buy HTC's) then it will die soon, very soon. I think about a couple of months, to the end of the year, and HTC might die. This would tip the scale, and give Samsung there first kill.

Samsung is what is killing HTC. it has become just like the iphone in many ways, and if it gets sued, i would be glad. It is no longer android, its Samsung. I really thing Samsung's next target would be something like Sony. Because it would be the last true innovator of smartphone design.

No as for the rest. There are hundreds of new android smartphone companies turning up every month, and a big one, is ZTE, I see it everywhere, slowly creeping up behind samsung. Also, there is BLU, which offers quad core proccesors and dual sim capability, and 4.5 inch screens for arond 200 bucks....Unlocked! Samsung cant even compete with those prices.

So all i have to say is samsung needs to be hit, and hit hard. So here are the teams so far
Team One - Winning

Team Two - Dieing soon

Team Three - Growing.
All others