Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to root HTC First.

**Do at your own risk. I am not responsible if your phone blows up, if you start a thermonuclear war, or if you get fired from work because your alarm clock on your phone didn't go off**

Part 1. Unclock Boot Loader
1. Back up all apps as .apk files and transfer them to your PC, this will factory reset your device. Make sure all HTC Drivers are installed on your computer. Make an account on the website. Make sure USB Debugging is on (dev options on your phone)
2. Power off your phone. Hold Power Button and Volume Down Button for around 20 seconds. You will see a white screen with colored letters. (if you see the 3 buttons at the bottom blinking, release the buttons imdiatly and try again)
3. Hit the volume down button till you highlight "fast boot". Press the power button to select. Plug in your phone to your computer.
4. Go to (if you havent registered yet, do so now, please use a VALID email, this is important).
5. In the right panel, select "other devices". Check the i agree button and continue.

6. It will tell you how to boot into HBoot and Fastboot, which you have already done.
7. Download the required files. Make a folder in the C drive of your pc called "Android" or something like that. Put that .zip file in there and un zip it.
8. Open command prompt. Type in "cd C:\Android" hit enter

9. Type in "fastboot oem get_identifier_token"
10. Right Click on the black area of command prompt, select "mark". Click in the corner and select as shown in the picture.
11. Press Ctrl + C and then paste that code into the text box provided on the HTC Dev Webstie.
12. Check your email, it has a file attachment that you should save in the same "android" folder. The file should be called unlock code.
13. In command Prompt, type in "fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin" and hit enter. on your phone, a screen should appear asking if you are sure you want to unlock the boot loader. Select yes (it is not touch sensitive so you must use volume up button to highlight yes and power to select).

There you go. Boot loader unlocked.

Part 2. Recovery
1. From this website download the TWRP recovery (or if you want, go back in the forum and pick CWM recovery) and download superuser app of SuperSU. MAKE SURE USB Debugging is on (dev options on your phone).
2. Save it in a seperate folder on your c drive. transfer the super user app to your phone. Rename the reocvery into "recovery" DOT (.) what ever its supposed to be. (i think .img).
3. reboot into fastboot again like you did in part 1.
4. plug in your phone to the computer.
5. Open Command Prompt type in "cd C:\ what ever folder name it is"
6. type "flash recovery recovery.img" and wait, it should be done quite quickly. You can now turn your phone back on, and reboot into recovery the same way you did into fastboot. from there flash the super user app. The recovery is touch capable.


HTC First - High end or mid range?

Sorry everybody for not posting for such a long time. I have been bogged down with college and things like that, and really there wasn't much exciting going on. But im back and will be posting more often.

So. I got a new phone yes and its the HTC First!

The thing is, HTC and many revierws say its a mid-range device. Now here ill try to prove to you that this is a high end device.

1. Proccessor.
The HTC First contains a Qualcolm snapdragon 400 proccessor capable of 1.7 GHz and is dual core. HTC limited the phone to 1.4 GHz (this is to show that it "isnt" as good as the HTC One x or any popular high end device).
2. GPU
The HTC First has an Adreno 305 proccessor, much more advanced than the one in the HTC One X for example.
3. Resolution.
Although its a 4.3 inch display, it has 341 Pixels per inch (not including sub pixels). Litteraly you cant see the pixels AT ALL. its 720x1080p display with more of a 2:3.5 ratio.
4. Other Features
It has both a front and rear facing camera with a dual LED flash.
Large speaker for 100+ db.
16gb of storage.
1gb of ram.
Running STOCK AOSP android jelly bean 4.1.2
2000mah battery with up to 15 hours of battery with moderate use and wifi on all day.

The true only difference between this and the One X for exampe are
1. Dual core vs Quad Core
2. Great vs Good battery life
3. 4.3 inch vs 4.7 inch screen
4. 341ppi vs ~300ppi
5. Adreno 305 vs lower class gpu (unknown)
6. 5mp camera vs 8mp camera
7. Loud speaker vs beats audio

So basicaly. If you want better battery life, a smaller screen which is still big enough, higher resoulion screen, go for the HTC First.

**Facebook home can be disabled
**There is no Sense UI
**Cyanogenmod ports are in progress since the HTC First has been "discontinued" and will not receive any android updates.

Friday, August 16, 2013

58,000 views on argue for android

Thanks guys, check that out! 58 thousand views and i have been running this blog for a little bit more than a year now. so this is really great. I wish there were more comments but oh well.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

No nexus 4, no official 4.3, stupid nexus 7 3rd gen

The thing is everyone is waiting for the NEXUS 4 and for the official 4.3 update.

Well....its not gona happen.
The nexus 4 will simply be upgraded, and will still be the nexus 4, just with better hardware...or worse.
By worse i mean the new nexus 7 3rd generation. Off the top of my head i can tell that it has no
1. rear / main camera
2. no graphics card
3. slower proccesor
4. less ram
5. no 3g capability

This is stupid, why downgrade the best tablet in the world. The thing is, the nexus 7 2 gen is worth more than the 3 gen by almost 150 dollars. But the nexus 7 comes with android 4.3.

There will be no official releast of android 4.3, its been out and no comotion because literaly nothing much has changed, android has reached its peak, just like i os 6.

This was bound to happen, a perfect design would be found and they would stick to it. There are a good number of phones running android 4.3 officially and not. This was created by the massive leak of the system dump.

well, that is up this quarter.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iPhone Android Windows - who is who

I was sitting down looking around at the latest smartphone news and really i found a great way to compare the various smartphones in the world.
I will be comparing them to teenagers in a school
The school, is the world, and a student in the school, is a smartphone.

Now, the iPhone. These are the popular crowd at school, and some kids will be willing to give up some of their freedoms and rights, just to be here. The iphone, gave up inovation, simply to be at the top, they completely forgot about the latest hardware and software features out there, this is causing them to lag behind, a little. They simply fulfill the minimum amount of homework, and minimum grades to have more time to hang out, gossip, and socialize. The iPhone, has very low end hardware, looks, style, and features, as far as android and windows go. They are still on dual core, which, they dont "NEED" more, they are "OKAY" with that, the screen is 4 inches, yet not proportional, and so on. There is no innovation.

Android, can be compared to the majority of the school, they come in various shapes, sizes, IQ's and abilities. Just like android. This makes the majority of the school/world, more innovative, and more diverse, making it easier to fit in to the crowd, because everyone is excepted.

Windows is way different, these are you might say, those boys and girls who try to have 100% in everything, putting friends and family behind. Windows is desperately trying to get to the top, using precision, and performance, rather than diversity and innovation. And since they are in a minority, it is harder.

This was simply a brain storm. nothing personal.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The smart phone world today - july 7, 2013

Now the smart phone world is packed. It cannot fit a single other smart phone for operating system. Although microsoft has managed to get itself a nice piece of the pie, that is not for long.

Microsoft is going to release windows 8.1, since about 90% of the world does not like the new windows 8 for desktop. It is a great mobile software but not great for a desktop or laptop computer. But about 40% of that 90%, dont like Microsoft period. Alot of people are switching over to linux, (ubuntu, linux mint, debian, red hat, etc.). It is easy to set up, its free, and in some cases better. Therefore android would be their choice.

Now, iOS 7 has been released, sort of. There have been reports of its existence. Just about every feature and UI change has been 1. copied from android or 2. inspired by android. There is no but's about it. That is just a fact that i have already proved in a previous post. Apple is running out of options, and if android wasn't open source, apple would be sued to death. Apple is already losing fans around the globe. Why, they have had record sales with every device. Well, yes that is sales, but do people like it, NO. They are bored as heck, its all the same, there is nothing that would make them want a new iphone other than HOPE, that there might be another innovation.

Now, android might take longer to explain.

First of, HTC. HTC is not falling, its diving into the abyss. If it doesn't increase its sales, (even if they have to force their own employes to buy HTC's) then it will die soon, very soon. I think about a couple of months, to the end of the year, and HTC might die. This would tip the scale, and give Samsung there first kill.

Samsung is what is killing HTC. it has become just like the iphone in many ways, and if it gets sued, i would be glad. It is no longer android, its Samsung. I really thing Samsung's next target would be something like Sony. Because it would be the last true innovator of smartphone design.

No as for the rest. There are hundreds of new android smartphone companies turning up every month, and a big one, is ZTE, I see it everywhere, slowly creeping up behind samsung. Also, there is BLU, which offers quad core proccesors and dual sim capability, and 4.5 inch screens for arond 200 bucks....Unlocked! Samsung cant even compete with those prices.

So all i have to say is samsung needs to be hit, and hit hard. So here are the teams so far
Team One - Winning

Team Two - Dieing soon

Team Three - Growing.
All others

Friday, June 28, 2013

Android 4.3 released UNOFFICIALY for samsung galaxy s4 "nexus" version

Android 4.3 has been sort of , unofficialy released for the new nexus - samsung galaxy s4.

iOS7 copies android, is iOS 7 better than android

Ok. iOS 7 will have a complete UI overhaul. Most of the icons and ui features have been copied from existing android apps and launchers, and some features have been copied DIRECTLY from android.
let me comment on some of the key features of ios7

Key features

  • Complete UI overhaul with adaptive colors and system-wide Back swipe gesture
    • Android has had it
  • New system icons and folders, animated icons available
    • most icons have been stolen from apps like go launcher, and phones like the xiomi mi series and the miezu mx series
  • System-wide parallax effect
  • Dynamic wallpapers
    • live wallpapers...TO LATE APPLE, its been around for freaking ever
  • Control Center with toggles, multimedia controls and shortcuts
    • Um, the new android jelly bean quick toggles pannel?
  • Updated Notification Center with three tabs
    • just like android and miui
  • All apps multitasking with new card interface
    • um, EXACT SAME AS ANDROID, the android multitasking system where it gives you a CARD list of running apps.
  • Updated Safari browser with unified search filed
    • google
  • iTunes radio
    • who cares
  • AirDrop file sharing
    • i tunes yet again, to itunes dependant
  • Inclinometer within the Compass app
    • has been invented since like 2008
  • Camera filters with live preview and new square mode
    • nothing has changed
  • New Photos app with better photo organization, picture editing
    • android invented the whole "edit picture" thing since andorid 4.0, 2 years ago.
  • Weather app with live weather animations
    • google now can beat that
  • Updated Maps with Night mode and Turn-by-Turn walking directions
    • i bet they pay google, to use google maps, just renamed
  • New Siri interface, new supported commands, new voices
    • google voice?
  • Contact Blacklist
    • old
  • FaceTime audio
    • what the heck, who needs that
  • Activation lock
    • old
  • Automatic app update
    • old, android HAS had that since version ZERO
  • Cellular data usage breakdown
    • old
  • Chinese-English, Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries
    • android has a dictionary for EVERY LANGUAGE, so does windows
  • iOS in the Car coming in 2014 in selected cars
    • um...the android car app.

Main disadvantages

  • Very iTunes dependent for uploading files and multimedia
  • No open file system means you often have to duplicate files
  • Limited integration of 3rd party social networks and services
  • No widgets
  • Air Drop works only between selected iOS 7 or later running devices
  • No lockscreen shortcuts (besides those in the Control Center)
  • Very basic camera UI with limited features and settings
  • Limited codecs support
  • iTunes radio only works in the US

Monday, June 10, 2013

LG is to make new nexus 5 + nexus 8

Most people thought that HTC would get another go at making the nexus, well, not any longer true. LG will me making the new "Beast". It is quite a machine for the price. It will surpass most smart phones in the world as far as technology, hardware and performance.

Also google has annoucned a nexus 8 to be released to so they will have a 4", 5", 7", 8" 10". what a collection.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stock Android Galaxy S4

OK, so i read this bit on GSM arena this morning.


While it's quite unlikely that we'll see a new Nexus phone at this year's Google I/O, which starts later today, Samsung might have a surprise in store – a pure Android version of the Galaxy S4 flagship, a "Google Edition".
This phone will reportedly drop the company's TouchWiz modifications and use the stock AOSP version instead. Now, we should note that this is an unlikely pipedream, but it would be a great option to have.
Except, there are problems – Samsung has put a lot of custom software on the Galaxy S4, but it's there to run a lot of the custom hardware and features. Air View, Air Gestures, IR remote, Adobe RGB screen mode, Multi-window and so on, all rely on Samsung's proprietary software. Many of the camera features too (though Android's stock Photo Sphere will make a good replacement for 360 photo).
The S4 as it is now runs Android 4.2.2, the latest version available as of today, so at least Samsung has that bit covered. Though without the complications of TouchWiz, software upgrades will potentially come a lot more quickly.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will launch in June on T-Mobile, or so say the rumors. We have our fingers crossed, but it's still an unlikely thing to happen.

Now this is all fine and well, but that is not the only reason everyone but americans do not prefer the S3 and S4. 
read the next blog post here:

Why People Hate Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4

PEOPLE DONT LIKE THE S4 and S3 because

#1. Plastic

People dont like the super duper thin plastiky feel. Its just not right.

#2. To Iphone - ish

People dont like the freaking huge center HOME button like on the iphone - Also the freaking touch wiz shit. Its a copy of the iphone, that is why its getting so popular in America but not in other countries because in USA u can buy an iphone for quite cheap, in other places, not so cheap.

#3. People dont like the big ass screen.

5 inches is over the top for a phone. 4.5 inches is max a phone should have, and tablets should start at 6.5 inches.

#4. Samsung build quality

This is not the Plastic issue, i have a plastic phone, but i can magnetize it, drop it in water, and smash it on the ground with a buldozer, but it wont break, mind you, it is a smart phone. Its an LG

#5. Samsungs Proccesor

Samsung said that the S3 would have a Quad-Core 1.4GHz processor. It had the quad core, but only at 1.01 GHz. Yes EVERYONE says it has 1.4GHz, but it does not. After taking my friends S3, and putting the Android Assistant App on it, and looking at system info, it turned out its UNDERCLOCKED, what the xxxx samsung, why do that, its not worth loosing sales because u did that right.
so..DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE<>EVER, not even the 2nd or 3rd nexus (nexus S and Galaxy Nexus).

BUY an LG or an HTC

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HTC Is Coming Back

HTC hasn't had the best of times in the market over the past year and a half, losing huge chunks of its market share and seeing revenues contract rapidly. However, the April numbers show that the company may finally be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Boosted by the launch of the One flagship, HTC revenues rose 23% in March and reached NT$19.6 billion ($657 million). However, such was the scale of the HTC recent troubles that even after such significant jump the company's earnings are 36.9% lower than they were in the same month of last year. Still the decline was 48.6% last month, so things are at least moving in the right direction.
Besides, HTC's CEO Peter Chou expects to see even better performance in May in June, as the supply shortages for the One loosen up. The total revenues for Q2 are estimated to reach $2.4 billion, meaning that sales should increase by a further 50% over the next couple of months.
(gsm arena)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Android 4.3 already out, NO 5.0, NO Key Lime Pie. Already running on nexus line

When Google I/O is underway, there’s usually some new Android version waiting to be unveiled. Despite all the murmurs about Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, this I/O might bring just 4.3 Jelly Bean.
The version number first showed up in logs of the Android Police website and now Android Authority is reporting its server logs show visits from Android 4.3 devices. They seem to run newer builds than the JWR23B that visited AP (note: the first letter of the build number matches the first letter of the codename).
But more interesting is the list of device names that run version 4.3. There’s the Nexus 4 phone, the older Galaxy Nexus, the two Google tablets, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Then there are two surprising entries - a yet to be announced Huawei U8819 and a rather low-end Pantech Breakout (listed as ADR8995).
The Breakout packs a single-core 1GHz processor and just 512MB of RAM. If that’s enough oomph for Android 4.3 then the news should be good as far as the eligibility for upgrades of old devices is concerned (it would fall to the manufacturer).
It’s interesting that the Pantech reported it’s running Android 4.3.1 Key Lime Pie so there is a chance the new version of the OS will get a new name, but it could just be an eager dev putting in the wrong name in the build.
Google I/O starts in two weeks, but the two-day keynote has been cut down to a single day, which potentially means no groundbreaking changes (and no 5.0).

HTC Releases HTC M4

Take a look at the picture...its an HTC its not, its smaller less powerful version.
Quote from GSM Arena "As for the specifications of the device, the M4 is said to have a 4.3-inch, 720p display, dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and a 1,700mAh battery. Interestingly, the M4 will also feature an UltraPixel camera"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


HTC is going down, we see more and more....retards going for crappy plastic Samsung's. Yes they are not really crap, but compared to HTC's they are! I know many people who have gone for samsung  ones and will never go that way again, EVER! That is the issue HTC is faseing.Its the apple story again. People hope for samsung to redeem itself like the iphone 5 was supposed to redeem apple, but it didn't.

HTC has lost 98% sales in Q1 2013. That is alot. Seriously. I hope you feel what i feel for HTC here. HTC was with android from the start, and it never failed android with new inovations.
It was the first with:
Dual Core
4 inch screen
4.5 inch screen
Front facing camera
Complete metal body.
HD display
super amoled/amoled display
touch buttons
track ball
loads of sensors such as acceleration, gyro tech, and more!

And we will just stand back and let HTC turn into DIE! Hell NO!
If you want to see more go to my site:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Year to Aruge4Android

Today we celebrate one year to this blog. I started back in my junior year of high school back in march 2011 and nothing happened, i kept posting what i thought the world needed, and in one year i have received around 28,000 views! Thank you all for commenting and reading. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as i have.

Thank You ALL

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Android News Update 3/26/2013

Well it seems like HTC is really trying to stay afloat. Its method at the moment is to produce alot of different phones for everyone instead one popular phone like Samsung. HTC is having a hard economic time right now and needs more income and popularity, so lets help the on company that has stuck with android from the beginning. They are releasing a new Desire P, huh, P really, ah who cares, its an HTC right? But the biggest thing is not the cheap plastic samsung galaxy s 4, but the HTC ONE, which is a full metal body, super thin and not to large not to small, its perfect with the new HTC Sence 5 UI.

Ever since Motorola was bought by google, it has taken a significant image from google, check out the new Motorola X, a beauty isn't it?
Close window
It will be the first phone with a 4000mAh BATTERY, that is huge and will last any hard core gamer for more than 24 hours, that is awesome. I see the UI is standard google. but you have to admit, it is great looking.

People are waiting for the New Samsung galaxy s4, which samsung has always been gay. Plastic, huge, over glorified, and lots of advertising. My friend fell for the s3, and now i quote him "Im never going for samsung again, next is HTC". See that is a real person saying that.

I hope HTC does well with the One, and motorola does well with this awsome X and that samsung well get a big "minus" on their income and hopefully crash. Haha, not gona hapen right, lots of naive people gona fall for samsung this year.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apple Addiction

interesting article i found. It is true, people fall for apple without even thinking. It is as if apple products are full of those hypnotic fish...sirens?...that will talk to you and you fall for them although there are not what they say they are. Android is better, people just dont bother to do me...and dont bother to think....Amusement-the action of not muse- to think.

We were undaunted.
Over 2 million of us, just HAD to have the coveted device.
So when pre-orders opened on Friday, Apple doubled the previous pre-order sales record set when they released the 4S.
With iPhone 5 pre-sales moving so briskly a week before they’re set to be sold in stores, analysts are predicting that this will be the best selling iPhone of all time.
So let me say this for the record: I don’t get it.
I can’t figure out what has occurred that so many of us simply MUST have the newest of whatever Apple puts out.
No, really.
Apple ‘fanboys’ take lots of abuse for this manic loyalty to Apple devices.
Most of the comments I got from my previous post on the iPhone 5 last week, were from Android users simply hellbent on calling us out for being mindless fanatics.
Hostility aside, they may be on to something.
What is it about Apple that makes us throw caution to the wind?
I often attribute our loyalty to compatibility.
Apple products are so compatible with one another, that there’s no learning curve.
You get a new device, take it out of the box and go.
No referring to a user manual.
No need for a quick-start guide.
Just go.
But is that really it?
Perhaps it’s the allure of greater speed the latest devices offers.
Everything will be quicker.
I’ve gotten used to the speed of things when I’m not on WiFi.
And I’m on AT&T, and we all know how abysmally slow it is.
But each new iPhone holds the promise that things are going to be materially faster, WiFi or not.
Maybe it’s that we simply don’t want to be the odd man out.
Conformity is a mutha!
I remember when I got my first iPhone.
A few months later, they released the 3G, and then the 3GS.
I resisted the urge to purchase either of those devices, standing stalwart against the sweet siren song of a new Apple device.
All the while, I experienced severe iPhone envy.
Each time I pulled out my original 2G, as others fondled their newer, shinier, more feature-filled iOS devices, I was jealous.
When Apple introduced the 4G, I knew I could wait no longer.
I’m no fanboy, I thought.
I let two successive iPhone iterations passed without jumping into the fray.
But I would be denied no longer.
How I coveted my new phone.
Then Apple released the 4S, with Siri.
Eff Siri!
Who needs that know-it-all mouthy digital slut!
But then came the 5.
Any my device envy reared it’s ugly head.
Come to me, my precious…
Are we simply drinking the KoolAid?
Is there no rational explanation for our actions?
I’m just saying, I’m really at a loss.
I’m getting ready to drop two or three bills for a new phone, when there is nothing…absolutely nothing wrong with my current phone.
But it does have a four inch screen…
So what if the screen is bigger!
Why do we act like this?
Could it be that we’re addicted?
My wife is always telling me that I’m always on my ;.
Perhaps she’s on to something.
If you’re iPhone 5 conflicted, like me, holla back.
I can’t be the only one with this dilemma.
Help me understand why I’m so hooked on these damn devices!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ERepublik - The ultimate mmorpg

I have played erepublik for a while and thought i would share it with you, it works on android devices online, with or without flash so...

Join your nation and raise the economy, fight in wars (currently another world war) and so on. It is some what text based, but lots of images and graphics are included therefore it is really good.

to join use this link:

join any country in the world, i personally joined russia, and a good thing i did. Things are going well for me.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Why HTC is better than Samsung and Apple

HTC was with android from the start. It really believed in android from the start and no one even gives it credit for making android what it is now. Without phones like the HTC Rezound and other phones that we used to see every day on TV. Thanks HTC for all you have done and keep up the good work.

The New HTC One

The new and soon to be HTC One is almost here and it is one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful device ever made. Specs are sky high with quad core 1.7 Ghz of power and more ram and storage capacity. The screen is Awesome and the UI is just brilliant and smart.

Here are some preview pics and please go to the website above and watch the video. HTC IS COMING BACK


Monday, February 18, 2013

Archos for europe

IF you live in Europe  you probably know Archos, a small cellphone manufacturer. And like most small companies, like zte, and xiomi and miezu that no on knows about in the usa, they want to become smart.

Archos will be releasing its first android smartphone soon and here are some specs.

3.5 inch screen with a 320x480 resolution. a 1ghz processor and a 5 mp camera. It will be running android 4.0.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

News: LG, Samsung and Alcatel

LG is now making a 5.5 inch Optimus G Pro. That is freaking huge, why, phones are big as it is and getting even bigger is pointless because a tablet is 6.5 inches +. One more inch and smartphones will not longer be phones. its not that i dont like big screens but i only like 4-4.25 inch screens. I dont like really big screens. The LG will start first start selling in japan in mid april.

Samsung has announced that it will be keeping the physical home button on its samsung galaxy s4.

Here is a cool phone that i wish we could have in the USA. From GSM Arena:

TCL has just unveiled its latest smartphone. The Alcatel One Touch Star is a mid-range handset with a stylish design and extremely attractive price tag that we are hoping to see showcased at the MWC in two weeks.

The One Touch Star sports a 4" display, 1GHz dual-core processor along with 512 MB of RAM, a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, a front-facing VGA camera, 4 GB of internal memory with microSD support and a 1,500 mAh battery.
Surprisingly, the device will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is still pretty rare to be found in the mid-range.
Alcatel One Touch Star will retail for around 2,000 SEK (about $315) in Sweden and is expected to be available in European markets very soon.

Nearing 20 thousand views

I remember the day when i started getting 10 views a day and i was jumping around everywhere from joy because someone was interested. Now i get around 130+ views a day and that is a lot, i am now nearing 20,000 views which is a big amount. I thank you all for reading and commenting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New HTC One photo leaked

An official press photo of the HTC One has leaked showcasing the phone's front panel. The source is evleaks and judging from its history of leaks, then we have every reason to believe this is the real deal.
Rather surprisingly, the HTC One get rid of the traditional three-button combo and features just back and home buttons below its display. As usual, both buttons are of the capacitive touch variety. Another interesting bit are the dual-speakers placed either side of the screen.
However, the key selling point of the smartphone remains its 4.7-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 468ppi. Judging from the press photo the One is going to run the latest version of Sense UI (5.0), which falls in line with previous reports. Those earlier reports also suggested the HTC One is running Android 4.2 on a Qualcomm APQ8064 chipset with four 1.7GHz Krait cores and 2GB of RAM.
Yesterday, the first photo snapped using the smartphone's 13MP camera showed up on Flickr. It's yet another interesting aspect of the device, considering its using a stacked sensor with what the company calls "ultrapixels".
HTC will hold simultaneous press events in New York and London on February 19, where the company's CEO Peter Chou is expected to officially unveil the One flagship. We'll be covering the announcement live, so stay tuned!
Source: GSM Arena

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tune cars drag racing game android: tips and tricks

I have already posted on how tuning works on the drag racing game for android. But i have learned some new tips that you might want to know.

1. for Rear wheel drive cars with lost of horsepower, you might need to lower down the final drive to reduce the burnout. but for 4 wheel drive cars you should increase the final drive to get a bit of a slip on the wheels so that you could get max grip with max power. that is key, gear ratios are really good the way they are until you are like trying to get an extra .0001 seconds faster.

2. IF you adjust your gear ratios, make sure your car accelerates smoothly and constantly  not just at high rpm's. this means that  your car will keeps its speed until hitting 7k rpm and then accelerate, and then you shift and it sits again. If you have this problem increase the gap between the gear rations that you are having this problem with.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 estimated time of arival

I recently heard that the Galaxy S4 just "might" be launched by april. This is still juts a leak of news and the date might now be changed to keep the element of surprise but it is now known the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come out in april.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Google taking over the world.

This is from so i quoted the whole article.

Next month, the world will welcome the Chinese New Year of the snake, but the tech world will probably call 2013 the Year of Google.
5 Ways Google Is Taking Over the World
If you get the feeling it's a Google World and you just live in it, you aren't alone. The giant company's projects are expansive -- developing the Android operating system that runs most smartphones and tablets, becoming the standard-bearer for mapping, showing off Google driverless cars and smart glasses and dipping its toe into the hardware market.
And CEO Eric Schmidt's recent trip to North Korea underscores Google's near-omnipotence, even in the darkest corners of the earth. Where there's an opening, Google will find its way into it, hunker down and finesse its way into a stronghold -- and these are five of the ways the company will merge, grow and expand in the new year.
1. The Search Continues
Google heads into 2013 free and clear of the two-year-long Federal Trade Commission investigation into search monopoly, paving the way for its dominance to continue. The FTC commission, composed of both Democrats and Republicans, announced earlier this month it concluded its two-year investigation into the issue of search bias and did not take serious action. Despite finding some evidence that changes to the company's search algorithm harmed competitors, the Commission said that these changes "could be plausibly justified as innovations that improved Google's product and the experience of its users."
The regulatory body also investigated whether Google harmed U.S. consumers by suing to block sales of competing mobile devices, namely those by Apple and Microsoft, for infringing on mobile technology patents Google acquired during its $12.5 billion buy of Motorola Mobility. On this front, the FTC reached a broader settlement with Google that would give competitors access to patents necessary to make smartphones, and other devices, and Google voluntarily agreed to stop borrowing others' content for use in its own services. The settlement encourages Google to resolve patent disputes through arbitration first, not through lengthy, expensive court battles.
Competitors who alleged Google engaged in anti-trust activities believe the search giant got off lightly, compared to FTC treatment of IBM in the 1970s and Microsoft in the 1990s, which levied significant financial penalties and smacked both companies with restrictions.
Maybe the FTC didn't want to hobble a thriving business in these harsh economic times, or perhaps the case didn't merit tougher measures. Google's lobbying efforts may have also paid an important dividend in the decision. Regardless of the reason, Google is out from under the FTC's investigative eye.
Now the immediate FTC threat is gone, Google can plow ahead with its plans to transform its search engine into an "answer engine," designed to give users a better, faster search experience. Through constant refinements of its search algorithm, Google's goal is to build something like the Star Trek computer, able to directly and instantly answer users' queries, and the reality could come closer this year.
However, it faces competition in search by an old foe. Not Microsoft, but instead Facebook, which recently unveiled its Graph Search feature to allow users browse their friends' interests, preferences, locations and other social information on the network more easily. Graph Search could prove a boon for users looking for personalized information and meaningful results on music, books, travel or other subjects, possibly delivering more targeted data than on Google. As Google fights to refine its search results by instituting constant changes in its algorithm, Facebook's offering could pose a threat.
2. Google Wi-Fi
So far, Google isn't in the water you drink, but it is in the air you breathe -- sort of. If you live in the southwest Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, near Google's headquarters, you can dip into the company's free public Wi-Fi access.
Similar to the FTC resolution, the free Wi-Fi public-private project highlights the search giant's increasingly cozy political relationship, but this time with state officials. With the project, Google promises to bring free Internet access to hundreds of thousands of people each year, making it the largest such network in New York City.
New York officials praised Google's move, which will be a resource for more than 2,000 residents, 5,000 students and hundreds of workers, retail customers and tourists who visit the neighborhood daily.
"New York is determined to become the world's leading digital city, and universal access to high-speed Internet is one of the core building blocks of that vision," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. "Thanks to Google, free Wi-Fi across this part of Chelsea takes us another step closer to that goal."
Some aren't as quick to give Google a pat on the back. Reportedly, the new Wi-Fi network will cost $115,000 to build and $45,000 a year to keep up. Google is picking up two-thirds of the tab, and nonprofit group Chelsea Improvement is covering the rest.
The positive buzz stemming from being associated with an exciting "digital city" project is well worth this tiny -- at least by Google standards -- investment. Also, Google benefits with broadband Internet use, which lets users browse more at faster speeds, executing more Google searches along the way.
In addition to offering free Wi-Fi in its home city of Mountain View, Calif., Google recently launched a plan to offer high-speed fiber-optic Internet access in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and for more than just faster service. The search giant already began testing televisionservices in Kansas City, and the Motorola buyout means Google can make set-top hardware and start a direct run at rival Apple in the growing smart-television arena.
In that light, these isolated projects could hint at Google's deeper ambitions. On the surface, providing free Wi-Fi is a generous gesture, but establishing this infrastructure could also lay the ground work to support and expand bigger, more ambitious projects like Google TV down the road.
3. Google in Your Purse
Beyond getting more bang from its political buck to fuel search and generate positive press, Google is also trying mighty hard to get into your purse.
No, we aren't talking about Google's Wallet, though the company is working to iron out wrinkles with that product. The latest way Google wants to get into your wallet is with Zavers.
Zavers saves digital coupons to your accounts, based on your interests and visits to retailer websites. So, you shop and check out as you normally would, and the real-time savings are automatically deducted at checkout when you give your phone numbers.
The service, which welcomed New York's Original Grocer D'Agostino as the latest network partner, is essentially a coupon book tied to your phone: you add coupons to your account, and they're automatically applied at the register with a single scan. The product's cloud technology gives manufacturers a real-time look at the pace of redemptions so they can target and plan coupon policies with that information in hand.
As Zavers illustrates, companies are taking small steps to lure consumers to go digital when it comes to their pocketbooks. Last fall, Apple joined this market with its Passbook feature on the iPhone 5. Zavers and Passbook are unlike more-ambitious e-payment systems that require NFC chips, store digital versions of their credit cards on handsets and pay for products by scanning their phones at special pay stations at supported retailers.
Passbook takes a more introductory approach to mobile payments, focusing on storing virtual tickets and vouchers, and Zavers does the same with coupons. Google and Apple are betting that by easing consumers into the digital wallet concept with coupons and tickets, it will familiarize them with the e-payment concept while avoiding the security concerns that now accompany smartphone transactions.
4. Not Even the iPhone Escapes Google's Grasp
Apple aficionados scorn Google and its Android OS, extolling the virtues and ease of Apple's operating system in what is increasingly a two-horse smartphone race. But Apple fans aren't as steadfast when it comes to Google's apps, and there are more Google apps than ever in the iOS store, ready for iPhone users to download.
For example, soon after Google released its revamped Maps app in December, it became that month's most downloaded program for the iPhone. Google also pumped out a YouTube app, an iPhone version of its Chrome Web browser and updated software to use its Gmail service.
Two dozen Google iPhone apps, with variations for the iPad, are available on Apple's App Store. The strategy is simple: Google wants to reach an audience that can give it data to improve products and generate more income. Besides, having Apple users familiar with its products could help Google one day turn them to Android, so it's a win-win.
Last year, Apple began removing Google services in apps that come installed on its phones and instead began promoting its own services. But its unreliable and highly criticized maps service, complete with misplaced landmarks and inaccurate addresses, highlights how challenging this approach is. For Google, the snafu was an opportunity to quickly design a Google Maps app for the iPhone and watch it become a hit.
Google's success in this arena is remarkable. According to Nielson, in the U.S. last November, the 11.8 million unique users of the new Google-created YouTube app for the iPhone, and the 6.4 million users of its Google Search app, placed them both in the top 20 list of iPhone apps with the biggest audience.
For Google, it always comes back to advertising. Since Google makes money from selling ads that appear on phones and not the phones themselves, it doesn't care so much about what type of phone its services are on. What is important to Google is whether that consumer uses Google apps, shares data with Google and is looking at Google ads.
5. Google Partners with FBI
You might be surprised to learn the Federal Bureau of Investigation is partnering with Google to catch crooks.
The FBI just launched a website that uses Google Maps to show visitors the location of criminal incidents down to the street level. The site also displays photos of "Wanted" posters of suspects along with their physical descriptions. Users can search locations, an unidentified robber's nickname, weapons used, and other clues.
Google, along with Facebook, is keenly interested in facial recognition technology. The ability to scan through photos looking for specific facial features is also massively appealing to law enforcement agencies who are increasingly turning to these new digital DNA technologies, and getting results.
Last year the FBI arrested hacker Higinio O. Ochoa III after using GPS data embedded in an iPhone's photo of his Australian girlfriend's impressive cleavage, an image he left to taunt authorities. Authorities used the photo to track down Ochoa's girlfriend, and then him, showcasing how law enforcement, even when dealing with a person expected to be highly skilled in covering his digital tracks, can still get its man.
Google's partnership with the FBI may offer citizens a harmless, even helpful way to spend online time, but the future is increasingly crowded with scenarios where this and other Google-inspired technology could be misused and trigger sharp privacy criticisms.

Google growing and more...

I start with this. Google has earned more money this quarter, and this year! That means it is growing right.

I quote from GSM Arena
""Anyway, revenues for Q4 of 2012 were $12.91 billion, up 36% year-on-year and 8% quarter-on-quarter. Google accounted for 89% of that, while Motorola brought in 11%. Google got 54% of its revenues from outside the US.

Operating income was 24% of those revenues or $3.39 billion, compared to 33% and $3.51 for Q4 of 2011. Motorola Mobility once again had a negative impact on those numbers, however. The division posted an operating loss of $353 million.
Consolidated net income was $2.89 billion, up from $2.71 billion in Q4 of 2011.""
Interesting. So the fact that Google bought Motorola was good after all huh...
MORE NEWS. windows phones grow more and more popular in europe. in away this is good and in a way this is bad. One because android will become less popular. The reason for wp being popular in europe is that they are not hooked the the damn iphone and can actually like other things other than what is "trending" in the   USA. android is simply a way to get more people to get away from the iphone and then later...THINK about what is better not go with the flow.
I might sound angry but im not, its just that im probably the only person withing 100 miles around where i am right now that actually knows this.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

News: Samsung Galaxy S series and more

Today is a big day in history. The Samsung galaxy s series shipments surpass 100 MILLION phones. This is big, because this is a big hit to apple. And since we are on the topic of Samsung  Samsung is launching the new (not really) galaxy s 2 plus phone which is i think really stupid.

LG Has released the Optimus L9, and Huawei is selling there new Ascend and Mate phones but not in the USA, crap that is WHERE I LIVE! I WANT IT.

About the L9, if anyone looked at it, it looks like a freaking samsung s3, which looks like an iPhone, so i do not support it. I also do not like the new UI trend that lg is taking, also copied from samsung which looks like the iPhone so...

The android court rules LG and Samsung guilty of TREASON!

That is all for today i might add on as the day goes.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Info and more

The most popular posts on this blog really surprised me. They are the following:
1. What is lazy list on my sd card
2. How to play tiny tower offline android
3. Android root, backup and rom flashing guide
4. Is mobage spying on android users
5. LG Optimus one series best roms list

That is a very awkward list because there is not trend, these posts are generally are not about the same thing.

Now based on this i understand people are looking for more technical fixes and explanations of hardware and software. I will try to post more on that topic.

But here is my idea. I would like you, the reader to give me ideas. Please send me ideas, essays, thoughts anything. If you want to see your blog post here please do the following.

Email me at

write the following:
1. Name you want on the blog
2. Post Title
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4. Anything else

Thanks for your attention and as always...ENJOY!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ubuntu Mobile and More

Cononical has backed up Ubuntu on this so bear with me. UBUNTU MOBILE IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to say anything but if you have a spare 30 minutes please sit down and relax while watching this video.

The New Sony Xperia Z and ZL

Android phone wars will continue shortly, but bear with me as i get more data in to my charts so i could analyze the phones and post a non-biased review.

Meanwhile sony is back with the new Xperia Z and ZL. GSM arena has a great hands on video that i posted onto my tv stream too and i encourage you to go check it out.

For some reason the trend for new smartphones is in 5 inch full HD screens, so that is the direction Sony followed the crowed. IT IS a 5 inch 1080p screen. It is complemented with a Sony 13 Mega Pixel camera. Sony is known for its TX 10 and TX 100 cameras that own 16.2 mp carl zeis lenses.

Now about the thing managing that massive display. "Sony continues its partnership with Qualcomm and has picked the Snapdragon S4 Pro, which packs four Krait cores at 1.5GHz, along with 2GB of RAM and Adreno 320 (it will hardly be idle considering everything needs to be rendered at 1080p resolution)." (GSM arena)

But what is the difference between the Z and ZL, well the ZL is a bit thicker and shorter so the screens are the same but the size is a bit different.

The phone will be launched with android 4.1.2 jelly bean, WHY NOT SWITCH TO 4.2 ALREADY.
So i encourage you to go check out the videos about it on my video stream on the right there > and as always, ENJOY!

Link to gsm areana

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Android Phone Wars...Not Yet

There haven't been any new major phones made out there over my Christmas break. I will probably be making a list of low top 10 low end phones because i know pantech has made a new great phone and lots more. Just be patient because Im at school and working on getting into college and other things. I am kind of tight with cash so idk if i will go to college. Any way i hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for all the faithful viewers here.

Thank You

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to tune cars in Drag Racing Game-Android

Ok, so how do you tune your car in the drag racing game on and android. well here are the steps.

1. DO NOT TOUCH THE NOS, you do not need to modify it at all, most people do so thinking it helps but really it doesn't.

2. Final drive. The final drive determinse how much power goes to the wheels. The lower the number the less power, the higher the number, the more power, if you have a RWD car like a ferrari novitec rosso, then you want the number to be lower and then you will not burn out, but if  you have a 4WD car that does not burn out, add a bit more power and when you see a little bit of tire smoke, you are good to go. The thing is tire smoke is an indicator here, if you have lots of tire smoke, you are adding to much power, if you dont have tire smoke, that might mean you dont have enough power, so you want a small quick burn out and then none at all during first gear.

3. Gears. The number on the gears indicates how much power is used in each gear. So if your first gear is 4.375, that means it is going to use 4.375 out of 4.375 power on that gear, and the second gear would be for example 3.5, that means it will use 3.5 out of 4.375. You might ask why on earth then does the game not let second gear be more power than first. Well if you know how transmission works and its purpose you would understand. The point of gears is to use less power to accelerate with each gear. so that is why there is less power each gear. Now you might have noticed the stock tune grows exponentially from bottom to top, that is how it should be, it should be a very big arc to the right or it should be more of a straight line. you don't want any jagged parts.

That is all there is too it, there is no perfect tune because each car is different, even if they have the same upgrades, because each person drives differently and you cant use the same tune for 1/4 and 1/2 mile races.

 If you are tuning for quarter mile and you don't pass second or third gear, that is not good, for quarter mile tuning you want to get through as many gears as possible.