Monday, April 30, 2012

LG Thrive ROM!

Hey, guess what, i officially announce that i am going to start making a ROM spesificallh, and bassed on the LG thrive.

Project thrive
I am nit going to name this after my self but after the lg thrive.

The lg thrive has been left behind and nobody does anything about it. Most people build for lg o-one and that is unfair, so if this rom does not work on o-one, yey, because they dont need anymore.

I am probably gona include some of my friends that know more than me, and i will need alot of help on this because im a noob at this. So got tips or if you can offer help, thanks alot, comment here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

300 Views Milestone

This is such a great honor that in such a short period of time, I have gained such a vast audience of readers all over the globe. In total 300 views! Thanks a lot and hope a lot of these posts have helped.

Vies by country

USA 212
Russia 23
South Korea 13
Canada 6
Germany 6
Romania 5
Australia 4
Columbia 3
India 3
Macedonia 3

Macedonia! Romania! Wow, such far away places! The blogger tool has told me that my site is on cyanogenmod forums, twitter, and a bunch of other tech sites, so its gaining popularity. But don't think I made this blog just to get views, if i have made that impression, I am sorry.


My assistant blogger on this blog, has gotten very sick, and can not concentrate on anything right now that crazy amounts of pain so, while he is gone, their will be no phone reviews.

I am currently looking for an expert at hacking, developing, and rooting/flashing. So if you think you are good enough, email me at,
Please list what makes you good at what ever you are good at, please do try to impress me by listing ALL of your accomplishments, and I might invite you to become a publisher on this blog, just please, remember this is google blogger, so obviously you need a google account (this includes youtube and other google services).


Friday, April 27, 2012

Oxygen ROM glitch

Well, currently im using oxygen rom, and i love it, but their are 2 problems that oxygen said dont exist.

1. Camera not working, and if it does, works for about a minute then FC
2. phone turns of on its own.

If anyone can confirm this, please confirm here, and post on the oxygen rom support site or somthing because they don't understand.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ever heard of "fancy" !

I have this thing called fancy, look it up on google, its a think where you fancy things and ppl can see what u like, and you can follow ppl and ppl can folow you.

How to take FULL HD screenshots of your android for FREE

To take full HD snap/screen shots of your android phone screen, you will need to download the android sdk (software developing kit) from here:

After it has been installed, run the android sdk manager program (on windows, go to start button, all programs, and find andriod sdk and turn on sdk manager.

check of the boxes for "tools" (this will show up in a long list with all the android versions and folder icons). and then hit install, if it does not install, exit program and then go to it, right click and run as administrator (if possible). then it should work fine after that, simply repeat the process of the check box.

then after you have them installed/updated, go to the c drive and navigate to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools

or in other words, c drive, program files, android, andoroid sdk, tools

find the ddms.bat
double click on it.
this program also acts as a debug tool while rooting or transferring files.

on your phone, go to settings, applications, development, and check off(put a check on it) usb debuging (so you should turn on usb debugging).

plug it into your PC

let the program find your device and type a bit of script.

after it has found your device. (about 2 - 5 seconds wait)

the go to device at the top and press screen capture or press ctrl + s

here is a screenshot so you would know what it is like. (sorry but the bigger your phone screen the bigger the snap shot), mine is 320x480.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Android 2.3.x (2.3.7) (Gingerbread) first impression

After i switched back to Froyo (2.2.x), i felt that Ice cream sandwich (4.0.x) felt wrong and I decided to try out a gingerbread ROM. CyanogenMod 7.2 release candidate 1 for LG optimus one, was just to glitchy and would not turn on at all (by turn on i mean the screen, the phone functioned well). After about an hour of looking, i decided to try out Oxygen ROM, by unoficial KANG builds, my android 4.0.3 ROM was also an unoficial KANG build so i went with it, using a .35 kernel (for kernels and roms check out my other post that is about roms and kerenels for LG Thrive, and other LG optimus one phones).

Here is my first impression of pure stock Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Oxygen ROM is pure stock).

What i liked:
-rounded statusbar/notification bar
-small dock
-vertical app drawer
-retro android feeling off pressing >add>widget or what ever else

What i did not like:
-Oxygen ROM gingerebread keyboard is not like the stock though, its rigid and small, hard to type, but atleast its not twice as small as froyo keyboard like ICS, but only about 1.5 times smaller, but thats ok, "GO keyboard" (app on market) has a great gingerbread theme.

Other than that, Gingerbread is amazing, its just a darker froyo and i love it, it is my favorite UI.

Is it worth getting it, heck yes! You wont regret it, but when CyanogenMod fixes my problem with the screen, im gona try it out and make a review about it too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Android 4.0.3 Fist Impression

My first impression of android 4.0.3 was satisfactory.

Features i liked:
-Widgets in App drawer
-Slide away notifications
-re-size-able widgets

Features i did not like:

UI i liked:
-status bar, app drawer transition, icons

UI i did not like
-Candy like feeling

The thing is, the problem with the ICS UI is that it is to candy like feeling, it looks to 2D, unlike Gingerbread"s (2.3.7) rounded status bar, 3D looking like dock. Its all to static and flat.
When i went back to froyo, i found froyo looking clean and sensible. Gingerbread was simply an improved version of foryo, that is why it is not 3.0, but 2.3, froyo: 2.2.

ICS is very functional, but there is not much new things in it compared to gingerbread, other than the UI. And the UI makes you feel like in a 2D candy themed flash game.

5 stars for the effort
3 stars to the UI
1 star for anything new
5 stars for functionality
Average: 3.5

Friday, April 20, 2012

What makes a good phone/ particularly an android

1. Proccessor speed
     The proccessor is just that, it proccesses information and tasks that are going on in your phone. The more Hz the proccessor is and the more core's it has, the better. 600mHz is just about as low as you can go, this means 600 million Hz, per second seems fast, but not really. 1 gHz, means 1 billion Hertz, this is really fast, but if you root you can make it go faster. 1.2 gHz dual core, this means 1.2 billion Hz and the cores put less strain on your phone and yout phone does not overheat as much.

2. Screen/ Display
    The screen size and display vary directly, the larger the screen, the crisper the image, tft captive is the bassic touch screen, not the pressure kind but the normal iphone kind. amoled, super amoled are high quality screens. There is also pixel dislpay, vga, qvga, qhd, hd. the more the dimension, 320x240, 480x320 and higher, the better the image, less pixelisation, better and sharper image.

3. Firmaware versioin
    The higher the version, 4.0.3, the better. so if you have a choice between an phone running foryo (2.2.x) or gingerbread (2.3.x), you should get gingerbread, tablets run honeycombe (3.x), the best android version is ice cream sandwich (4.0.x).

My phone

LG Thrive
320x480 vga dispaly
firmware version stock: 2.2.1 no updates
after root and flashing of rom: 4.0.3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roms and Kernels (list version 0.3) (edited 5/1/2012)

Roms for LG thrive
1. CyanogenMod 7 RC 1/CyanogenMod nightlies-requires .35 kernel (can get on
    a. glitch, locking the screen and then trying to unlock it later results in black screen even though screen still responds.
    b. color problem if you don't install .35 kernel
2. GingerCruzt - requires .35 kernel
3. CyanogenMod 9 Kang - requres .35 kernel
    a. camera does not show what you are taking a picture of, but still takes pictures
    b. gallery force closes
4. Oxygen rom -requires .35 kernel
    a. Stock gingerbread, no glitches, no stock wallpapers and live wp's
5. UI-One MIUI ROM, requires .35 kernel to fix color, franco kernel to fix keyboard problem

Kernels for LG thrive
1. .35 kernel stock LG phoenix p505 (recommended)
2. Jobans Kernel .35 (don't know if it works)

LG Thrive Gingerbread update, LG actually replied after 2 weeks or so!

 LG's reply to lg thrive gingerbread update question:

Here is what I wrote
When will you release the Android 2.3 ginger bread update for lg thrive. lg phoenix is a duplicate of lg thrive and it gets gingerbread. just be cause you designated it as a gophone does not mean anything. att sells it as a contract phone too. it does not have to be an ota update either. its not that hard lg. all lg optimus one phones are basicaly the same. i dont want to root my phone to get the update but many just are too tired to wait for you people at lg to lift up your lazy buts and get to work.

Here is what LG replied
Dear Dan,

Thank you for inquiring of LG Electronics.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. LG would be more than happy to assist you.
We are unable to advise if the mobile device will obtain any further updates. If an update is confirmed, a release date will be announced.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you again for contacting LG Electronics.

Maya C
E-Mail Administrator
Customer Interactive Center

clearly they are not going to release it but they don't want to admit it. Hehe!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Android Root, Backup, and custom rom guide

I am not responsible to anything that happens to your phone if you follow this guide, problems should not occur but if...if they not responsible.

Guide can be used to root any android phone and to flash any custom ROM on any android phone, just make sure you download things specifically for your device.

Specifics: I used lg thrive, android 2.2.1 stock froyo rom, .32 kernel

1. Root
Rooting your device is really simple now. You will need: SuperOneClick by Shortfuse, Android SDK.
a. Download the android sdk from
b. Download superoneclick from here: (scroll down to download link)
c. Go to your phone and under applications, find development, turn on usb debugging.
d. Navigate on your PC to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools find ddms.bat, double click on it. wait a while and let it turn on. (this can be used as a snap shot tool).
e. After you have enabled usb debugging and you have successfully completed step d, plug your phone into your computer and let the ddms.bat recognize your device by typing a couple of lines of script.
f. After all of this, find the file (x represents numbers) that you have downloaded and extract it to a folder (if you can, use winrar program, if you don't have it, get it).
g. Find the superoneclick.exe file and open it, let it find your device, then hit root. let it root for about couple minutes till it says completed (if it asks to install apps, hit yes).
h. there you go, all done!!

2.Backing up ROM (custom recovery, backup/restore) ROM manager app from market. it, and press on "flash clockworkmod recover". find your device (if it asks old or new baseband, it is safer to use older one, but look it up on your favorite webiste: GOOGLE!)
c. after you have chosen your device, it will download an install clockworkmod recovery.
d. TO BACK UP CURRENT ROM (STOCK): (do this after clockwork mod recover has been installed and under the button that say to flash it it should say :current recover: clockworkmod x.x.x.x) press on backup current ROM, and name it stock or something like that.
e it will now turn of your phone and turn it back on and enter a comandpromt looking like thing: (to manually boot up into recover: press home, volume up, and power and hold until it gets there (make sure phone is off)) (to use, volume buttons are up and down, back button is back, and menu is "ok/select")
f.let it type its script and reboot: yey all done, rom backed up, to restore your backup you can use rom manager app, or turn your phone off, and boot into recover using home, volume up and power button being held intill you are there, navigate to backup/restore, restore, and pick the rom you named stock or what ever (the back up backs up apps, wallpapers, passwords, kernel, rom, everthing!! isnt that great)

3.Flashing custom ROM
a. download rom and put it to your sdcard, (if you need a kernel, and google apps "gapps", download those too and put them on sd card)
b.boot into recover, navigate to flash /install zip form sd, find the rom, select it and press yes, then kernel if needed, then google apps "gapps" now at the end of this go to the starting page of cwm recovery, and reboot. your rom should take about 5-15 minutes to load and their you go, all done. if you have a problem, pull out your batter or turn of your phone, reboot into recover using home, volume up, and power buttons being held until there. and then restoring your back up.

hope this helps all of yall

note:if you have an lg thrive of phoenix you will probably need a custom kernel. go to YouTube type in gingerbread on lg thrive or ice cream sandwich on lg thrive and the videos posted by electronichackz work, i tried them my self and they work fine, just don't use jobans kernel, use the one he posts in one of his ics videos specifically for thrive.

video links:
this is for ics, and it has link to ics and gb kernel (.35 kernel)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My root expirience

Well I will admit that my root experience was awful. I had no idea what on earth to do and when I asked no one answered properly and I got so confused. After digging for a couple of days I found a solution that almost bricked my phone called z4root. After digging more I found simple one click by shortfuse. Worked great! Then getting a custom recovery was just as confusing. Old base band and new base band got me confused. Ugh...and then custom ROM's. So many if them and all with their unique procedure. Everyone with an LG thrive or other LG optimusvone series phone... today's ur day. I will be posting a detailed tutorial on how to do this. And possibly in the future, may be a video.

But is it worth this not so much as some tell you. This is hard and stress full work to punch the information out of people to understand what you are to do. For me this was next to a nightmare.

So wait for my tutorial because I did this practically on my own and understand how to do this.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Top ways to customize android without root(jailbteak)

Android is really customizable unlike an iphone. The iphone is not customizable at all other than the wallpaper. On an android you can redo your whole hi in just minutes without having to perform any type of hacking.

First, of all you can change your wallpaper, which can or cannot scroll with your screens. And on your screens you can have widgets which you cannot have on an iphone.

Second you can get a custom launcher. This is your used interface, so if you are buying a phone and it says it can have up to 3 screens, that's a lie, you just get a launcher and you can have hundreds of screens. So if you hate HTC sense or Samsung touchwiz, get a launcher such as go launcher ex. A launcher can let you customize or your status bar, and even ad screen transitions, icons appdrawer and really sometimes nothing and sometimes everything. You can make your android feel and look like an iphone or a windows phone simply by downloading an app. Also, for example go launcher ex, probably one of the most customizable launchers out there, has a guide of 5000+ themes.

But that's not all, with go launcher ex, widgets are themeable, each icon is themeable.

And also you can change your keyboards, and theme them to from hundreds of themes.

Ha, i want to see iphone do something like that without a jailbreak which will slow down your phone unlike an android root such speeds it up.

Screenshots, 1: launcher 7 ui, 2: zeam launcher, 3: stock LG launcher.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First impression

When I was about 12 I always wanted an iPod, then I iPod touch, and then an iPhone. I loved them and thought everything else was a piece of crap. And really my first phone was not a smartphone and not even touch screen. It's was a simple call only phone but I managed to learn how to make it do almost everything a smartphone does, and I loved it even though I wanted an iPhone. One day my dad's phone broke during work and he needed a new phone quick, so he stopped by radioshack, and bought the lg thrive android phone. he basically had no other choice.  But for him the touch screen and small 3.2 inch screen was to small. So he and I traded phone experience. I loved it, it was so customizable up to each pixel. In 2 days I had my phone looking different, it had a different keyboard, even a custom ROM. I loved that it was so organized, and the Widgets on the screens were awesome. So is it worth to get an android rather than an iPhone, heck yes. If you have an iPhone, don't get rid of it and get any android and then consult me and I can tell you how to make it look and work like anything. So here is my list, android, windows phone, bada OS, iPhone. As you can see, iPhone went from top to bottoms. One of my very good friends has an iPhone 4s and he liked it until he saw me using go launcher ex on my android and he just got jelous. He has so many problems with his iPhone not jailbroken and even my android doesn't have so many rooted(the android term for jailboken, other than the fact that rooting has a positive effect on the phone).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

(Fist Post) Success of android OS (vs iOS)

Ok, This is my first post. I am currently an 11th grader in high school and recently my english teacher made my class write an english reaserch paper. and I wrote about android's success. I am not so good with grammer and spelling, and especially with MLA, so I am sorry for any errors in my following paper. Enjoy!

ps: Please comment and give feedback. 1. this is a sort of biased paper. 2. I had to say drastic things about apple and others to prove my point. 3. my grade on this paper (not including grammer and spelling) is around a 96.

The Success of Android OS
            Android OS is something we might have heard of but is not that common or popular, but this little critter has grown into a monster giant, crushing anything in its way. The success of Android OS is based on factors such as its growing community of developers and many collaborating companies such as Google Inc., HTC, Motorola, and the OHA (the open handset alliance), which try to bring users a smoother, more user friendly interface on their smartphones. This has a large impact on the world-wide mobile market pushing out Apple, Symbian, and others. The days of the iPhone are coming to an end as the open source Android OS overwhelms the market.
            Android OS is not as common or popular as Apple’s iPhone, But android started before Apple. It started out in 2003 in a Californian city called Palo Alto and then later in 2005, it was acquired by Google Inc. (what is). Later that year, The OHA, or the Open Handset Alliance was formed which was composed of more than 100 companies which include mobile operators, handset makers, semiconductor companies, software developers and commercialization companies (Alliance).
            Android was not made as an individual firmware. It was based on other open source computer software. Android is based on Linux and uses the Linux kernel which runs underneath android. Linux was based on UNIX, really old computer software. And finally UNIX was based on Multics, one of the first computer software in the world (what is). Android, even if it is based on some of the oldest software, has more features than the iPhone. Some of these features are: Bluetooth, Enhancer of mobile networks, 3g and 4g, Wi-Fi, SMS, MMS, touchscreen, multi-touch, video and photo, GPS, a compass, and an accelerometer (what is).
            But all these features have come to android gradually, bit by bit and its growth was not as rapid as the iPhone. There are ten main reasons to android’s success. These factors are: Google Inc., Android 2.2 Froyo, HTC, Motorola, Android’s community, Developers, Carrier Support, Apple’s AT&T based iPhone, Touch Functionality, and Google’s dedication (Androids). Android is owned by Google, and Google is a massive company that the whole world trusts. This makes it easy for Google to gain supporters. Android version 2.2, nicknamed “Froyo”, is the largest competitor to the iPhone. It has the same and even more features than the iPhone. It is also the most widely used version of android, but android 2.3 “Gingerbread” is now gaining speed. HTC and Motorola are the 2 companies that make the best phones in the world; they have large screens and fast processors. These phones are loved by many people because they have been around as long as mobile phones, and just because of their brand and people already desire an android phone. The community of android supporters is massive, and the developers see that there is money to be made on the market and they rush to get their apps out and sold. Also Android based phones are supported by every mobile phone carrier, while the iPhone is used by only AT&T. Also android supports touchscreen, and people like that. Then, Google is not just here to make money; they are defending their popularity using android. They are dedicated to making it better, and bringing it to the market (Androids). These are the top ten reasons for android success.
            But these are not all of the factors driving androids popularity and growth. The competition between Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android, can be described as a funnel. Apple Starts at the narrow end, limiting the user to apple only products and making more room for the user experience at the other end of the funnel. Android on the other hand starts at the wide end to allow its user a verity of products from a variety of providers. This causes the user experience to not be as smooth as Apple’s. This all brings apple tumbling down as smartphones globalize, Its a lot easier with android’s system of “have it your way”, rather than apple’s “my way, or no way”(Android).
            Another factor of androids success is the method and style of development.
Apple is good at producing great user interface thanks to its top to down, designer centric product development process. But this approach becomes a liability for building scalable network services. For those kinds of tasks, Google’s bottom to top, engineer driven organizational structure works better. (Lee)
But Ahow628 does not think so, he said: “you make it sound like Google cares about smartphone profits. They don’t. They care about what Google always cares about: add revenue. (Lee)”.Apple’s workers are artists that use paint and brush to spice up their user interface, while android’s main goal is to make the system functional by using a hammer and screwdriver. It is not as smooth as iOS, but it certainly works a lot better.
The battle over control of the ballooning smartphone market got personal as Google’s open-source operating system, android, overtook apples iOS, which runs iPhone. Steve Jobs, Apples late CEO, told his official biographer that the search engine giant didn’t play fair and accused Google of ‘grand theft’ of the iPhones concept (among more colorful language). Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt, who once sat on apple’s board, responded by saying ‘the android effort started before the iPhones effort. (Google)
But Apple can complain all it wants, because opinion cannot beat the facts. According to Google Inc.’s blog, android got 10 billion app downloads at the end of 2011, with a recording high of 1 billion downloads per month (10 billion). This is backed up by the fact that “Android will experience the fastest growth of any mobile operating system (Android)”. This also means that most people will have androids and their will soon be not that many people to buy android smartphones.
            The future for android is still to come and what it yields is still sketchy. Recently android has released its latest firmware, version 4.0 nicknamed ice cream sandwich. This is to be a total makeover of android os. It is to come with smoother and easier interface which some say that is actually fun to use, and comes with a new feature, it is called face unlock (Smith). This means that many new phones will need to be made to be able to run such a firmware. Also “the future of the Google android operating system lies in a technology called ‘Android@home’, a system for tying together home devices via Google author protocols and API’s (Hachman)”. This is great, and pretty soon we will all be running android form phone to refrigerator, and computers will become tablets. Since Apple is closed source, it will try to stick to its traditions and change bits of the OS but it will never have a total over haul of the OS like Androids gingerbread to ice-cream sandwich transition. The iPhone, it will simply be put back in a dusty corner of the world and everyone will forget about it soon enough.

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